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015 Technodelics! Biofeedback and VR, Transformative Festival Activations, and Psychedelic Wellness Centers with Lyle Maxson of Andromeda Entertainment.

With over 10 years in the music industry; including production, creative design, and sponsorship acquisition at more than 30 international, large scale festival properties, Lyle Maxson brings a passion to serve others through transformative entertainment. His portfolio includes touring high end glamping hotels, bringing mindfulness experiences to thousands of millennials, and merging biohacking technology with immersive storytelling. This eventually led him to become co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Andromeda Entertainment. A virtual reality publishing company focused on producing “Games for Good”.

We talk about a wide range of subjects starting with Technodelics, immersive transformative experiences that take the place of psychedelics for mindfulness awareness as well as educational possibilities in the most fun way possible. Imagine a benevolent spaceship infirmary hosted by the most beautiful and epics beings that does meditation and healing modalities during the day and an afterparty at night during festivals. His company Andromeda Entertainment really goes all out with their VR projects SoundSelf and Audio Trip. We go over some plans to collaborate with MAPS and Zendo, open a psychedelic wellness center in Austin, Texas, and incorporate Andromeda Entertainment into wellness centers nationwide. We continue forth into the “Gaia TV of Videogames” as he dreams it up with wearables and haptics. Great biofeedback technologies and wearables are listed. Finally we go into upcoming events, a gala with Alex and Allyson Grey for their Entheon temple, and a youth project with United Nations.

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