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Why Is VR so Important Right Now?

VR technology is seen as the last medium of technology humanity will ever use. At one point in time, the written language was seen as the best way to communicate and share stories. 


Because virtual reality combines a real-life experience with the freedom and flexibility technology provides, many claim that VR will be the final medium humans utilize to share stories and experiences. 

Due to the fact that VR is seen as the final medium, VR technology is in the making of becoming the most integrated and advanced form of experience, communication, training, and entertainment.


Wait, what is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user believes and accepts it as the real environment. 

Virtual Reality technology entered new realms stepping beyond the current technology. It is able to mix a reality-based environment with the extensive boundaries of technology, all in an easily accessible software and headset. While this technology is especially useful in the gaming industry, it has also been utilized to benefit the general population.


Why is VR so important?


Aside from the obvious utilizations in education or training, VR provides a new platform for families, small businesses, and content creators to explore the world with their kids, engaging in new forms of entertainment from home.

Imagine walking through the beautiful streets of Paris or experiencing the Dodgers win the World Series, all without ever having to leave home.

Some platforms have used VR technology to their advantage, creating free experiences to enhance very day activities or make unattainable dreams possible. 

One example includes a one-of-a-kind trip to The Louvre Museum. This event allows the user to see  “Mona Lisa Beyond the Glass,” a 3-D Mona Lisa experience, although the lenses of a VR headset.


For families, Quiver provides a high-quality augmented reality (AR) experience that merges physical playtime with 3D graphics and digital technologies. This platform enhances the coloring and creating an experience for young users, entertaining their creative advancement through the use of AR.

This realm of technology also extends to entrepreneurs and small developers, providing the creative exploration to design and successfully market their products.  

The low-cost barrier means VR could revolutionize all kinds of fields, including education, news, and entertainment. 

This opens the door for several smaller companies to utilize the product to benefit their company. They have the opportunity to enter into this world and create content that is specific to their customer’s needs and is so unique that is unbeatable or replicable by the competition.



Vr has the unmatched ability to engage an audience on a deeper human level than any other medium that has reached them. It is the first medium that has actually interfaced on a truly human level with our human senses. 

The opportunities VR presents to enhance family experiences, general learning, and business development far outweigh the other alternatives due to its unique, reality-based technology. 

The blurred lines of reality through non-constricting boundaries made accessible to all users is what helps establish a full immersion into the platform and creates a close-to-human connection unlike any other.  

The capabilities of Virtual Reality are going to set the new normal for how we operate on a personal and business levels.  This means that we need to be prepared for the coming trends and changes so that we don’t get lost in the dust wondering how we got so behind the times.


*Written By Zuzu Pasch*

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