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104: Tech, Sex + Virtual Reality with Lyle Maxson

Imagine taking a sacred sexuality class with me…but it’s in the virtual reality world. Tech expert, Lyle Maxson, joins us to share about how advancing technology is expanding our potential in sex, love, + self-development. We dive about the latest in neurohacking tools designed to alter our states of being, tech designed to amplify our sexual experiences, + conversations around ethics that need to be had to maintain protection as technology continues to evolve. I even share with you my personal experience using these tools before we aired!

In this episode you’ll hear:

Latest trends in tech + sex, including virtual reality porn + sensory experiences
How technology has/can improve our personal connectivity + building community
The future of mental health using technology like Entheo Digital to simulate psychedelics
Virtual Reality systems designed for learning + self-development
Conversations about ethics + consent as VR continues to evolve
The shadow side of advancing tech + how this has impacted social skills
What is neurohacking + biohacking + how can this improve our wellbeing


Lyle Maxson is a pioneer of Transformative Entertainment, impacting thousands of people at the world’s largest music festivals. His immersive design agency, The Courtiers, and passion for biohacking led to co-founding Andromeda Entertainment, a VR publisher bringing to market “Games for Good”.

Birthed out of the pandemic, GeniusX, a VR education platform, is the next horizon for creating a metaverse that “upgrades the real world avatar that is you” with a goal to better humanity’s relationship with technology along the way. In addition he is addressing the world’s mental health crisis with the creation of Entheo Digital a digital therapeutics company perusing FDA clearance within the intersection of psychedelic therapy and experiential medicine

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